CEMEX Cement Plant, Germany

Latest Highlights and Developments in the Cement Market

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Our 'Fast Facts' were started in June 2023 with a topic about Heidelberg Materials in the USA. Until now, we published 696 'Fast Facts' blogs. The blogs are generated from our independent market research for all the decision makers, advisors and managers in the cement industry, who don't have time to read. We make it easy for you to stay informed about highlights and developments, although we exclude corporate company news as provided by magazines.

In the ‘Fast Facts’ we cover information that is used in our CCF2Up cement market report. This includes information on the production and consumption, imports and exports (net trade), per capita consumption (PCC), capacity expansion projects, decarbonisation and other ‘green’ projects. Information that you will find here has been verified by us (Disclaimer). Latest information comes first. Older information is in the tags. Please note: We don’t provide here the sources for the market data. This information and many more you will find in the CCF2Up cement market report.

The photos used are courtesy of the appropriate company mentioned in the tag for the ‘Fast Facts’ blog, if no other name is explicitly mentioned. We like to give our special thanks to all providers and owners of the photos for our ‘Fast Facts’. For the photos of cement plants in our image entries on ‘The Blog’, the ‘Ad Banners’ and ‘CCF2Up’ we are giving credit to Cemex, Heidelberg Materials and Huaxin Cement.

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We use the following abbreviations:

Volumes in Mta  = million tons per year (or in a specific year)

Volumes in Mt = million tons by month or quarter

Capacities in Mta  = million tons per year

Capacities in tpd  = tons per day

YoY  = Year on Year

MoM = Month on month

We are constantly in communication with experts in the cement industry.

Here are examples of our field trips to cement plants

Brevik integrated cement plant in Norway, 2024

Brevik integrated cement plant in Norway, 2024

Green Cement grinding unit in Dubai, 2024

Green Cement grinding unit in Dubai, 2024

Dubai2 1

We also like to ask cement companies, cement trading groups, associations, equipment suppliers and market experts to provide us their market information,  press releases and other important cement industry information, which fits into our blog.