Acc. to German VDZ a CO2 pipeline grid is required

Germany CO2 Transports

The German VDZ (Cement Manufacturers Association) published a study on the future demand for CO2 pipelines from CCS-technologies. Such pipelines are necessary to transport captured CO2 to depleted wells in the North Sea or elsewhere. The study analysed the German requirements by the cement, lime and waste incineration industry. About 4800 km of pipelines are needed by 2035, transporting a growing demand of CO2 from 6.5 Mta in 2030 to 45.5 Mta by 2045, cumulated to 500 Mt. Eventually, up to 21 Mta is from a transit of CO2 from AT, CH and FR. Installation costs for the grid are estimated with € 14 bn, leading to 35 €/t CO2 for the period under review, excluding transit quantities.