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Three major problems of Vietnam’s cement sector

Vicems Ha tien1

The cement industry in Vietnam is struggling, several plants operate at low capacity utilisation. Vietnam’s rated cement capacity is 122.3 Mta, however 4 lines with 11.4 Mta capacity have not been started yet, while they have to service debts. The…

Requirements for a CO2 infrastructure in Germany

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The development of a CO₂ infrastructure is essential for the cement industry in Germany (we reported here 19.03.2024). To achieve net-zero, carbon capture systems at the cement plants and storage systems in depleted oil & gas fields become essential for…

Brussels Joint statement on European green deal

Windturbine Foundation

Cembureau in Brussels and other European associations signed the Antwerp Declaration with WindEurope to decarbonise Europe’s industry through electrification by wind power. Cement is a critical component in the construction of wind turbine foundations (photo: reinforcement for a wind turbine…