Afghanistan’s AUA is establishing a cement plant

Jabal e Seraj Cement factory

Alfalah ul Alami (AUA) is constructing a cement plant in the Jabal Al-Sarraj district of the Parwan province in Afghanistan. AUA is a mining and construction materials production company, that just became an associate corporate member of the World Cement Association. The project dates back to the end of 2023, when the Taliban-led Government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan decided to build and upgrade 3 cement plants, while only 900 to 1100 tpd of cement were produced in the country, about 1/10 of the local demand (photo of existing plant in Jabal Al-Sarraj). This development represents a historic investment of $220 million, including 2*3000 tpd new production lines and a captive power plant. The original time schedule is 2 years to make the plant operational.