Belgium’s Carmeuse Group Signed MoU with Cool Planet

Carmeuse Moha Belgium small

Cool Planet Technologies (CPT) announced a MoU with Belgium’s Carmeuse Group to collaborate on decarbonisation technology developments in the Group’s lime plants (Photo: Moha plant in Belgium). CPT being located in Guildford in the UK, is a supplier of an advanced membrane-based carbon capture technology for the large-scale capture of CO2 from flue gas emissions in lime, cement and other industries. The sophisticated PolyActive™ membrane used in CPT’s process has been developed by Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon, part of Germany’s largest research organization. CPT tested successfully a pilot system at Holcim’s Höver cement plant in Germany. In this year, the construction of a 0.01 Mta CO2 capture plant is developed at Höver. The plant shall demonstrate the performance, economics and operability of CPT’s technology at scale over a 12-months period.