Germany’s Schwenk Cement to build a meca-clay plant

Schwenk ActivatedClay Plant Illustration 1

Schwenk Zement contracted thyssenkrupp Polysius to build a demonstration plant for the production of meca-clay in the Allmendingen cement plant in Germany. Meca-clay can be produced without the conventional clay calcination (we reported here 15.12.2023). The process uses all-electric technology and is based on mechanochemical activation, which is also used by Schwenk for the production of their ‘green’ Celitement. Up to 70% of thermal CO2 emissions from drying and clay calcination can be avoided – an important step towards climate neutrality in the building materials industry. The construction of the demonstration-scale plant (photo: plant illustration by Polysius) will start soon. Plant capacity and time schedule have not been released.