Heidelberg Materials’ CCS Project at Edmonton in Canada

HM Edmonton 23081702 1

Heidelberg Materials is hoping to produce America’s first carbon-free cement in the Edmonton plant (photo) in Canada. The CO2 in the exhaust gas of the plant will be captured in an absorption reactor to reduce CO2 emissions of 1.0 Mta by about 95%. A CO2 pilot capture system of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has been tested at the plant since August 2023. For the full-scale installation at Edmonton, MHI’s proprietary advanced KM CDR ProcessTM with the KS-21TM solvent (jointly developed with The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.) will be used. At full operation, the captured CO2 will be transported via pipeline and permanently sequestered underground. Plant commissioning is planned for the end of 2026.