India’s Adani stronger than ever with impact on cement

Ambuja Marwar Cement Works

India’s Adani Group achieved a 45% EBITDA growth in FY 24, leading to INR 82,917 crore (about US$ 10 bn). 53.6% has been achieved in the utility sector, 20.75% in the transport sector, 9.15% in cement and 16.5% in other sectors. For the cement industry, led by Ambuja Cement (photo: Marwar cement plant), after the acquisition of Penna Cement, 93 Mta capacity have been achieved. This is a step closer to the 140 Mta planned by 2028. However, 47 Mta future capacity additions are still to be made. Adani did not comment yet on media releases last week that several other cement company acquisitions are considered.