Sublime Systems up-scales innovative cement technology

SublimeSysetms Holyoke Site 1

Sublime Systems selected Holyoke in Massachusetts, USA, for their first commercial manufacturing plant to produce 0.03 Mta of a new Portland cement. Today, the company operates a 1 tpd pilot plant to develop a true-zero carbon cement, which does not need limestone and high temperatures. The raw materials are basaltic minerals or anything with 10% calcium content. Instead of high temperatures, it uses an electrolytic reactor, leaving behind a reactive calcium silicate as a pure, reactive solid. The calcium is mixed with silicate to produce an ASTM C1157-compliant cement, which is a one-for-one replacement for ordinary Portland cements. The ‘intermediate plant’ in Holyoke shall be operational in 2026, an industrial 1.0 Mta plant in 2028, if the project runs well and investors and licensees participate.